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The Milwaukee Classical Guitar Society is offering a new program, the Classical Guitar Ambassador Initiative.

Our ambassadors will create a meaningful experience for your students, at no cost to you, by coming to your school and performing in your classrooms.   

The versatility of the guitar in every musical style serves as a bridge between classical and popular music. Due to its familiarity we are convinced that the guitar is the ideal instrument to introduce young people to the beauty of classical music.


The Classical Guitar Ambassador Initiative is designed to inspire a unique educational dialogue between K4-12th grade students and advanced guitar performance individuals in order to build interest in classical guitar.

Won't you join us as we fulfill our mission to introduce today's youth to the sounds and tradition of the classical guitar?  We would be happy to discuss this education opportunity with you at your earliest convenience.   

You can email to or call 414-810-6317.

Outreach Initiative


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